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The Magic of a Used Bookstore, Delivered.

A bookish experience unlike any other


Find new authors to love or rediscover old favorites.


No two packages are alike!


Our subscription packages make great gifts!


Your library and TBR piles will thank you for the extra company.

What is The Attic Box?

The Attic Box provides a mixture of secondhand vintage and more contemporary paperback novels, paired with full-pot samples of coffee (or opt for hot tea) and themed goodies (often handmade). The experience is unique, individualized, and is designed to deliver an essence of nostalgia--the feeling of unearthing an old box in your grandmother's attic... the elation and wonder of discovering new authors and hidden treasures.    

The Attic Box makes the perfect gift-- either for yourself or a loved one. The variety of secondhand novels delivered could include an old favorite, a title by an author you love, a completely new experience with an author of whom you've never heard, or perhaps a title and author that could be shared with a friend or family member. The Attic Box has something for everyone who appreciates vintage stories and nostalgic interludes.    

The Attic Box is not your average book box. We're offbeat, bent around the edges, eccentric, and kinda random. Secondhand books are a part of who we are. We adore the tattered edges and old book smell. That's the experience we're sharing with you-- that love for vintage stories that have lurked along the edges of the limelight for years; those stories that the writers of today grew up reading and, in doing so, were inspired to spin their own tales. Sometimes the best stories come from a book that's lived a thousand lives. An #atticbox is like taking a walk down the road not taken. You don't know what you'll find, but it'll definitely be a fun ride. 

This box is perfect for adventurous readers who are willing to give older and sometimes ugly books a chance.

How It Works

1. Choose your subscription

Choose how you'd like to receive your subscription and complete a brief survey that tells us more about your preferences.

2. We curate your subscription

We select secondhand books from our stock based on your preferences and create items based around the monthly theme.

3. Delivered monthly

The magic of a used bookstore is delivered monthly! Get excited!

What's inside?

We’re so glad you asked! 

Each ATTIC BOX includes:

• THREE secondhand novels

• ONE full-pot sample of delicious coffee (or several bags of hot tea, depending on preferences)

• TWO or more bookish treasures, one of which is handmade

••5-7 items included monthly••

Each BASICS PACKAGE includes:

• TWO secondhand novels

• ONE sample of coffee

• ONE sample of tea

••No frills. No fuss. No extras.••

One-time purchases are available from our shop HERE and HERE


Thoughts on the Attic Box

 I loved my first attic box! I love the variety of items that came in the box. 

Heather P.

 The effort itself placed in curating this book box is worth 5 stars. 

Naomi K.

 I absolutely love this box and it comes at such an amazing price. Books are good and in great condition. The goodies are all simply wonderful.